The landscape designers at Bioscape Outdoor Services have created beautiful landscapes for hundreds of homes and businesses. Each project is a collaboration of efforts between the customer and the landscape designer. We listen to the ideas and desires of the customer, and then develop a landscape plan to meet or exceed their expectations. Whether you want a new entrance landscape, a beautiful landscape garden or simply a privacy screen, Bioscape Outdoor Services selects the perfect plants to match the environmental conditions and provide a classic landscape feature. Bioscape Outdoor Services has extensive experience in designing and building landscape patios, walkways, retaining walls, koi ponds, and water features. All of these features can be combined to create the exquisite outdoor entertainment area of your dreams! Your modern “outdoor room” may include a fully functional kitchen and fireplace!

Through years of customer service, Bioscape Outdoor Services has evolved in response to a consistent client request: “We want one company to provide all of the care needed to keep our landscaping beautiful!” It just makes sense that a well trained and knowledgeable person who is providing weekly mowing and edging will be the first to recognize other needs in the landscape.

The staff at Bioscape Outdoor Services has the experience and knowledge to provide optimum care of your ornamental plants, your lawn and your irrigation system. We are highly specialized in proper pruning methods necessary to keep your plants healthy and natural in appearance. The plants are constantly monitored for invasions of insect pests or disease organisms which can be devastating to your landscape if unnoticed. Bioscape Outdoor Services applies the appropriate remedies, emphasizing natural or biological controls whenever feasible. The plants in your landscape are kept vigorous and healthy by periodic fertilization applied at the appropriate time.

Got a light out? Bioscape Outdoor Services maintains an inventory of light bulbs and parts to keep your landscape lights functioning properly. Your lighting system will be monitored consistently to insure that it is an efficient asset to your landscape.

Bioscape Outdoor Services is here to make your landscape look beautiful for your enjoyment!