Commercial Mowing and Edging

Commercial Mowing and Edging Services in Louisville, KYThe turf grass on your property is one of the most visible aspects of your landscape. A quality lawn offers a welcoming first impression of your business. Bioscape Outdoor Services has the expertise to maintain quality turf through regularly scheduled mowing and edging.

Research has shown that removing more than one third of the leaf blade during mowing can have a detrimental effect on your lawn. It is important to have a company providing mowing services that will be dependable and mow on a regular schedule. You can count on the professional staff of Bioscape Outdoor Services to perform your scheduled mowing on a timely basis.

Bioscape Outdoor Services recognizes the importance of maintaining the lawn mowers and trimmers in optimal working condition. The blades on our mowers are sharpened frequently to provide an even cut of the grass leaf. Improperly maintained mowing blades provide an uneven tearing of the grass leaves. This creates “wounds” on the grass which are highly susceptible to infection by disease organisms. The result can be dead areas in your lawn.

A professionally maintained lawn provided by Bioscape Outdoor Services will have a uniform pattern of turf “stripes”. This feature exhibits control of the mowing task and a visually pleasing lawn for the enjoyment of your staff and clients.

When Bioscape Outdoor Services is maintaining your property, every edge of the turf grass will be carefully trimmed to provide a sharp contrast to the adjoining landscape. Walkways are regularly trimmed to prevent the grass from growing over the walk. The turf adjacent to trees and landscape beds is trimmed to keep the grass from encroaching into the mulched area. Quality landscape maintenance is all about designing and maintaining the desired lines throughout the property.

Upon completion of the mowing and trimming Bioscape Outdoor Services will thoroughly clean your walkways, parking areas and landscape beds, leaving a picture perfect landscape you will be proud of.