Irrigation Management

Irrigation Management in louisville kyBioscape Outdoor Services is responsible for managing many irrigation systems in the Louisville area. Proper watering is economically important: Wasted watering is wasted money! In addition, healthy plants benefit from a prescribed amount of water each week. Unfortunately we see as many plants die from over watering as we do under watering. So, what is the correct way to water your landscape?

Think of the soil in your landscape as a giant sponge. The sponge is full of empty spaces or pores. Inside these pores are two essentials for your plants: 1) water and 2) oxygen! Yes, oxygen. Every part of the plant needs oxygen, just as we do! When the soil is dry the pores are full of oxygen. When it rains (or you water) the pores are filled with water and the oxygen is pushed out of the soil. This is O.K. for a while, but too much of a good thing can be bad! When the soil is continuously wet there is no oxygen to keep the roots alive. Therefore, it is incorrect to water every day; or even every other day. In order for a plant to flourish it needs to be watered thoroughly (fill those pores), then don’t water for several days, so that the pores refill with oxygen. All plants will do well under this condition.

Why do plants die? Watering too frequently eliminates the oxygen they must have! Watering infrequently denies the plant the water which is essential to survival.

How much water do you apply? The answer is: You cannot apply too much water! You want to fill those pores. Water until the soil is thoroughly saturated and runoff begins. One of the worst things to do is water a little bit, where only the pores at the top of the soil are filled. This encourages the plant to only grow roots in the top inch of the soil. You can, however, water too frequently which will have a detrimental effect on many plants.

Bioscape Outdoor Services designs and manages irrigation systems using the latest advanced technology. Our systems include modern computerized control clocks with rain and sun sensors to automatically turn off the system when it has recently rained. The system is automatically turned back on when the landscape dries out. We have been using drip irrigation in plant beds for years in order to conserve water and reduce the amount of overspray onto buildings.

The staff at Bioscape Outdoor Services sets a watering schedule and monitors the landscape for irrigation effectiveness. We regularly inspect the irrigation system for our maintenance clients, insuring that there are no leaks and the system is operating efficiently.