Landscape Design

landscape design in louisville, kyThe first step in the design process at Bioscape Outdoor Services is to meet with the customer and get their input as to what they are trying to accomplish. What is their vision of the landscape? They may express a desire to have a low maintenance, colorful setting. They may be looking to create an outdoor room for relaxation and entertaining. They may want to have a plant screen to create privacy for their outdoor space. Perhaps they envision a small pond or water feature, enhanced by the surrounding plants. All of these concepts are within the design spectrum of Bioscape Outdoor Services.

At Bioscape Outdoor Services we have a passion for what we do. Landscaping for us is like art.

When people look at a beautiful painting, a sculpture or a photograph, they may not recognize exactly what it is that makes them feel so good. Most likely, it is the convergence of shapes, colors, textures, contrast, space and lines. In viewing a landscape, these same attributes come together to give you that peaceful and satisfied feeling.

A client’s property is our canvas. Each plant is chosen with care for its color, shape, texture, size and light reflection. These qualities have to be balanced with “what will work” in regard to the surroundings: sun exposure, soil types, drainage, pH, and fertility. Each plant is contrasted with the plants around it. Each plant is evaluated for its season of interest. When drawing a landscape design our experience allows us to mentally “see” what it will eventually look like.

The next step in the Bioscape Outdoor Services design process is to meet with the client and present the landscape plan. Through the landscape drawing and pictures of the plants, the designer tries to form the image of the landscape in the client’s mind. The question will be asked, “Does this design meet your expectations?” And, “Does the design accomplish what your set out to accomplish?” Equally important, “Is the quoted price within the budget you wish to spend?” With the final approval of our customer, let the planting begin!