Insects and Diseases in Your Landscape

Bioscape Outdoor Services does not encourage the broad application of insecticides and fungicides. In general, the landscape maintenance industry has been moving away from this approach for years, in favor of “scouting” landscapes on a regular basis and actually looking for insects or diseases that are approaching the threshold of damage warranting treatment. Here are some of the reasons not to apply pesticides arbitrarily:

  • There are many beneficial insects in the landscape which are killed by the    application of insecticides.
  •  As pesticides are applied repeatedly there is a tendency for the targeted organism to build up a resistance to the chemical, enabling future generations to go unchecked.
  •  The chemicals being applied unnecessarily are a WOM (waste of money).
  •  Potential damage to the environment. Hopefully the industry is moving toward a more “green” approach.
  •  The pesticides applied on a broad based application, may or may not be the most effective treatment; and may or may not be applied at the most effective time for the organism to be killed.

The professional staff of Bioscape Outdoor Services regularly scouts your plants looking for potential insects, diseases or cultural problems which could damage the plants.

In early June, we are always on the lookout for very small bag-worms active on some of the evergreens. At that time, they are approximately 1/8″ long and the damage to the plants is not yet noticeable. Of course, over time these insects will grow to about 20 times that size and consume large amounts of the foliage. Bioscape Outdoor Services has several remedies for bagworms, depending upon the extent of the infestation.

When the temperatures are warm, the staff of Bioscape Outdoor Services is always looking for symptoms of mite infestations on our client’s plants. These creatures are so small that they are practically invisible to the eye. When conditions are favorable, the population of mites can grow rapidly and they can seriously affect the plant by sucking sap from the leaves. Untreated the plant can be killed or severely stunted. Fortunately there are some good controls for mites, including biological controls, which are non-toxic.

The monitoring and care of landscape plants is not something that is successfully accomplished by general or broad based pesticide applications. Bioscape Outdoor Services recognizes the uniqueness of each landscape situation and applies the most effective control measure to protect your plants and be environmentally responsible.