Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting provides the final touch of enhancement to every landscape. Bioscape Outdoor Services is experienced in design, installation, and maintenance of lighting systems. You may be looking to highlight a specific plant or architectural feature with a beam of light. Or you may simply want to illuminate a walkway with a subtle light source. Our staff can help you choose the right fixture for the job. We have the knowledge and experience to design your lighting project using the correct size wires and transformer for maximum safety and efficiency.

The new trend in landscape lighting is the introduction of LED light fixtures. Bioscape Outdoor Services supplies the highest quality LED fixtures available in the market. The fixtures from our suppliers are scientifically designed and sealed to provide years of maintenance free performance. There are no bulbs to replace annually, as you have done in previous years. This represents a significant cost savings in landscape lighting maintenance. Manufacturer warranties on these high quality LED light fixtures are up to 20 years!

Bioscape Outdoor Services will consistently monitor your lighting system to insure that all lights are performing satisfactorily. Our trained staff will keep your lighting fixtures well above the landscape mulch in order to maintain the safety of your system and prevent over-heating; a condition that can result in a fire. If a short circuit develops in your landscape wiring, the problem will be located and repaired. Bioscape Outdoor Services maintains an inventory of light bulbs and parts to keep your landscape lighting in good working condition.