Lawn Weed Control

The lawn in front of your home is an integral part of your landscape. Does it look healthy? Or does it look like it needs help? Perhaps it lacks uniformity; a hodgepodge of many different species, including weeds. Bioscape Outdoor Services has the knowledge and experience to “remake” your lawn into a beautiful and valuable asset.

Two critical elements in maintaining a beautiful lawn are to know “what to use” and “when to apply” the needed service. Timing of applications is extremely important. In Louisville, new crabgrass seedlings will germinate in mid-April. Several other grass-like weeds germinate at about the same time. Therefore it is critical to apply a pre-emergent herbicide before mid-April to prevent these weeds from sprouting in your lawn.

Unfortunately, the application of herbicides on the turf is not always 100% effective. Pre-emergent weed preventers work by dissolving and forming a very thin barrier over the soil where the weed seed is present. The active ingredient actually kills the young seedling as it germinates. The ineffectiveness of the pre-emergent can occur due to a number of factors that may break the preventative barrier. A lack of moisture after the pre-emergent is applied will hamper its effectiveness. Too much rain can wash out the protective barrier. Any mechanical disruption of the soil, from animals or insects can also break the weed prevention barrier. Bioscape Outdoor Services recognizes these limitations of the herbicides and patrols your lawn weekly looking for weeds that have escaped the controls. An appropriate action is then taken to eliminate the young weed seedling before it becomes a large problem.

As the temperatures warm in the spring, often broadleaf weeds will appear in the lawn; chickweed, dandelions and plantain to name a few. These young weeds will grow quickly and sometimes appear to overtake the turf. Bioscape Outdoor Services monitors your lawn for the new arrival of broadleaf weeds and applies the appropriate remedy to stop the invasion.

The regular inspections and follow up of lawn treatments distinguishes Bioscape Outdoor Services from our competitors. Other lawn application companies apply the lawn treatments, but do return to monitor the effectiveness. Your lawn and the appearance of your landscape are very important to Bioscape Outdoor Services! We will work to keep you looking good.