Pruning Landscape Plants

Pruning landscape plants is often described as a combination of “art” and “science”. Your team at Bioscape Outdoor Services has extensive knowledge when it comes to pruning your landscape plants. It is important to know “when” each plant can be safely pruned. Equally important is “how” to prune the plant to accomplish the desired look.

There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to prune. Good pruning, done at the proper time actually rejuvenates the plant; keeps it looking healthy and youthful. Good pruning preserves the qualities of shape, color and texture. The staff at Bioscape Outdoor Services recognizes that when we are pruning, it’s not what you remove that is important, rather what you leave behind. Step back and evaluate: How does this plant look?

In contrast, plants that are arbitrarily pruned with hedge trimmers lose their shape and texture and in fact have a shortened life span. Everything in the landscape begins to look alike: coarse and hard. We call it “the ball and wedge syndrome”. Plants that are routinely sheared with hedge trimmers will develop a dense outer shell of foliage with no leaves inside the shell. The inner core of the plant gets no sunlight or air circulation and presents an excellent habitat for insects and disease organisms to proliferate.

So, how and when is your landscape caretaker pruning your important assets? Are they shearing your plants at the convenience of “their” schedule (when they need a time-filler or they need money)? Bioscape Outdoor Services knows the proper time to prune each plant in your landscape. Our pruning is scheduled to maximize the health of your plants. Our pruning is scheduled to maximize the appearance of your plants.

You will experience the full enjoyment of your landscape when Bioscape Outdoor Services is caring for your plants.