Tom Welsh has provided us with landscaping services for many years and I recommend his services wholeheartedly. Tom is thorough, thoughtful, and reliable and has an excellent eye for both the details as well as the big picture. We receive compliments from our neighbors each spring about our striking landscaping.
Laura Johnsrude
I would be most happy to acknowledge the fine quality of your work. Good luck and I look forward to continued landscape projects which bring us together. Tom, you are a jewel!
Deanna Heleringer
Tom has been advising me and designing landscapes on my homes for more than 30 years. My wife and I decided to downsize and build a smaller home so I left the irrigation and design of the landscape again to Tom. Again the design, trees and plants fit our home perfectly and we didn’t change a thing. He keeps us advised on things that need to be done with the irrigation system to pruning and fertilization of the plants and trees. I would highly recommend Tom for any of your landscape design, irrigation or maintenance.
Don Cull
It has been an honor to know Tom Welsh for more than a decade. He has maintained two homes and a community garden. He is an expert in horticulture and is so passionate about everything he does. Thanks, Tom.
Ardi Wilson
Tom and his crew have provided expert, reliable planting services for involved landscaping plans. Tom provided details in how to maintain/water the plantings, especially during the vulnerable first and second years. They also have used their expertise to install and maintain landscape lighting needs.
Peter Thurman
Tom Welsh has been my landscaper for 18 years. He is professional, honest, and easy to work with. His finished projects are always better than I envisioned! – Jill Hrabik When I met Tom, I realized he is different from other landscapers. He has an understanding of plants and plant life like no one else in this area. He will not plant a shrub or bush because he has some leftover from a previous job. He will investigate the site and use the appropriate plant according to light needs, soil and design. He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of landscaping including insect control, design and plant material. He is trustworthy and timely and neat. I highly recommend his company and use them regularly.
Kathryn Harbrecht